How to order Half-Life of Passion

Half-Life of Passion

released in April, 2015 by Open Field Press

isbn 978-0-9831471-4-5

Softcover, $17

available at local bookstores, and online at

(or send me a message if you'd like a personalized or signed copy)

Latest comments

16.07 | 22:46

Woweezowee, Missy, Congratulations on your new book!!!
This is a great web page where I can finally access all your writings!

25.01 | 00:56

I have been reading your poems occasionally because I am not used to poetry and need practice. I LOVE this poem.
xoxx Leslie

28.12 | 18:58

Missy-Marie, first, my best wishes & many blessings for the new year 2015, soon to be! Second, congratulations for all your beautiful master pieces creations.

12.08 | 01:04

Still chuckling as I write this. Wonderful nugget of family life.